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What is the Fat Shrinking Signal?

You will discover one weird 10 Minute trick you can do before work that will just melt away your belly fat!
You will learn that millions of women over 30 suffer from a hidden hormonal disorder which will keep them overweight. You will be able to discover if you are a victim of this. This makes weight loss impossible and may be the real reason why you are struggling with your weight. This mysterious chemical disorder will starve your brain and pile up “Stress Fat” around your body.
This hormonal defect is something which many doctors totally overlook. Most doctors are only concerned with selling medications to keep making a profit.


This may also lead to “Heart Hypertension” which can go undetected for years and cause heart failure without warning. Your weight may be putting a lot of pressure on the lungs and arteries which will lead to Heart Hypertension. This is the #1 cause of death which is associated with high blood pressure and heart failure.
You will also learn that eating less and exercising more could quickly lead to a rounder belly and maybe even heart death if you are aged 30+


This hormonal disorder is called Leptin Resistance.
Leptin is a Fat-Burning hormone and will control whether your body can easily melt away your fat. It could be described as a “Fat Shrinking Signal” that will burn away your fat regardless of your genetic disposition!
If you have this signal switched on your body will easily burn a lot of fat. This will happen fast and you will see results nearly immediately. Leptin will also give you the signal that you are full and tells you when to stop eating!
This issue is most people cannot tell when they are leptin resistant. Your body will not recognize the leptin signals which go to your brain to tell you to stop eating when you are full! This may cause you to accidentally overeat which will add even more to your weight problem!
You must also know that this is not your fault and that you are the victim to a hormonal problem. This, however, can easily be rectified.


You can discover whether you are a victim of this hormonal defect with a very simple trick you can do in your bathroom! Just look in the mirror, put your hands on your belly and grab. If you’ve got a handful of fat in each of your hands you are Leptin Resistant!


In the Fat Shrinking Signal you will learn how to switch off your Leptin Resistance. This will activate your “Fat Shrinking Signal” and you can begin shedding the pounds!
You will start shedding the pounds without strict diets or grueling workouts in the gym!

In the Fat Shrinking Signal You Will Learn The Following:

  • How to lose 10 pounds in just 14 days so you will fit in your old skinny jeans again!
  • The “Flat Belly Trick” which only takes 60 seconds and will burn up your fat quickly.
  • Be a lot more energetic and start looking forward to each and every day!
  • The cardio routine that Jennifer Lopez uses to stay looking great at the age of 46.
  • The 20 second secret to having a flat belly without having to starve yourself!

Who Is Derek Wahler?

Derek Wahler (AKA The “Weight Loss Whisperer”) is the author of the Fat Shrinking Signal.
Derek is a certified personal trainer, fat loss specialist and public speaker.
With Derek’s weight loss methods you could be seeing changes in just a few days!


What Is Dynamic Activation Training?

This is a “Done-For-You” slimming system that will make your losing weight very easy and automatic.
It will be so easy, like something you do every day
With the Dynamic Activation Training System…..

  • You will NOT have to follow complicated exercise regimes.
  • You will NOT have to starve yourself with a difficult and strict diet.
  • You will Activate your Fat Shrinking Signal which shrinks your fat cells considerably.
  • You will turn off the hidden hormonal defect which causes Leptin Resistance.
  • Reverse dangerous diseases like Heart Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease and even Diabetes.

Other Things You Will Learn…

  • You will learn of a breakthrough “Belly Slimming 20-10 Formula” to burn away your belly fat in just 4 minutes
  • A strange 40 second “Metabolic Activation” trick which turns on your “Slimming Signal” which will melt away your fat no matter what you are eating.
  • The toning exercises that Beyonce uses to keep cellulite away and keep her body in awesome shape.
  • How to turn off the “Heart Stopping Hormone” which puts huge pressure on your lungs, heart and arteries which may even be silently killing you!
  • How to put an end to the endless frustration of not being able to shed the unwanted weight

The Fat Shrinking Signal, Pros and Cons


  • The author is a certified personal trainer and fat loss specialist
  • genuine testimonials


  • Only available in digital format, not in paper
  • Contains no diet information


Other Weight Loss Tips

Exercise is the best route to health, fitness, and losing weight. Virtually every doctor in the world agrees. Exercise is safe, effective, and brings many more benefits into our lives than diets or drugs ever will on their own. Exercise is fun, invigorating, and motivating. It is the most powerful way strengthen our life and well-being!
Because treadmills have been around for many years and can offer a great cardiovascular workout, not varying may quickly bore you and you may find yourself wanting a newer exercise machine. However, whether you are walking or jogging,the treadmill offers more calorie burning movements for the entire body than any other exercise machine. Many of the newer gadgets are not time-proven like the treadmill and may only work one area of your body. Whole body fitness is what you want for natural weight loss and toning.

One of the greatest ways to start your day right has been eating fruit such as strawberries. Bananas, also,  will not only give you the potassium which you are required to maintain proper energy function, but can reduce your problems with cramps. This goes a long way in maximizing your workouts and weight loss program.
One great way to help jump-start your weight loss diet is to increase the amount of high fiber foods you consume. A diet high in fiber can help the body feel fuller on fewer calories, helping you to lose weight more efficiently.
You will need to eat a lot of cereal including oatmeal, tuna on wheat with a little mayonnaise, fish, grains, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. For your oatmeal add some honey and cinnamon for taste. Use skim milk with your cereal. You can eat small amounts of the cereal high in sugar.You will need to cut out most starches. Snack on fresh fruit and veggies or granola bars. Eat fish at dinner baked or salads with low fat dressing.
Avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, soda pop. These beverages drain energy by flooding your body with stress hormones such as cortisol, which wears down your brain as well as other crucial organs and body systems. They make it more difficult for vegetarians to lose weight.

Don’t Starve Yourself
You may call it detox dieting, or body cleansing, or fasting, but the fact remains that starving in any shape or form is dangerous for your health. Fasting for a short period of time maybe good for cleansing your body but prolonged fasting can have damaging effects on your body, such as dehydration, nausea, fatigue, low blood sugar level, etc!